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I'm a mental health expert with years of experience helping families overcome the emotional trauma of mental illness. I have dedicated herself to helping families gain knowledge and understanding and adapt to the trauma of having a loved one with mental illness. As a trusted authority in the field, I served as the Executive Director of NAMI Westside LA and NAMI LA County, and am a NAMI State family-to-family trainer. I have received numerous community and state mental health awards in recognition of her contributions.
My expertise and leadership have resulted in significant contributions to the mental health community. As President of NAMI Westside LA, I co-wrote a business plan for NAMI Los Angeles County, which resulted in the funding of $1.5 million over a year and a half to deliver family-focused strategies for reducing mental health stigma and discrimination. I have taught mental health courses at universities and clinics throughout L.A. and has appeared on radio and TV discussing NAMI and mental health issues.
My dedication to helping families overcome the challenges of mental illness has made me a trusted resource for families and individuals dealing with mental illness. My experience and expertise make me uniquely qualified to provide tailored therapy sessions to help clients develop effective coping strategies and treatment plans. With my guidance, clients can learn how to navigate the challenges of mental illness and achieve greater mental and emotional well-being.

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