Foremost Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles

I'm Sharon Dunas, LMFT, and I offer a friendly and understanding environment for individuals, couples, and families to cope with the challenges of mental illness in Los Angeles. I provide suitable rooms with appropriate resources to ensure my clients feel safe to focus on their mental health needs.
As a licensed clinician (LMFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), I have helped countless families cope with mental illness. I give them tools to communicate with their ill relatives when they are psychotic and suggest ways to make space in the family system to deal with these unwanted visitor.
My goal is to help families survive the emotional trauma of mental illness. I help them gain knowledge and understanding to adapt to the challenges of having mental illness in a loved one. With my guidance, clients can learn how to navigate this difficult terrain and achieve greater mental and emotional well-being. Call me today at (310) 207-3505 and let me help you fight the stigma of mental illness and live a better life.

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